Jim Carrey goes all Ace Ventura in Mr. Popper’s Penguins

It’s been a while since Carrey did animal shtick, but it seems the wait (if there was one) is over. This time, however, he’s made some rather slippery friends.

Sometimes, actors land gigs that tend to ask more questions than you’d expect. In this case, here’s a few. Why is he going back to ridiculous films? Does he not like being taken seriously? Does he simply prefer slapstick comedy? Can we have a trilogy of Mask films, please?

Mr. Popper’s Penguins is classic Jim Carrey. A successful businessman, Mr. Popper is also a father struggling to gain the admiration and affection of his kids, who now live with their mother. He’s also a fairly serious and not particularly pleasant fellow.

One day, his father leaves him some penguins. Chaos ensues. He hates the penguins. Then his kids like the penguins, and therefore Papa Popper himself. He now likes the penguins. Then his decision to enquire about pest removal in the beginning comes back to haunt him. Now he, his family, and the penguins, must escape the Bad Animal Removal Person, who is simply trying to do his job.

Did I spoil it for anyone? No? Fair enough. Quite frankly, it’s predictable and familiar, but it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t watch it. I love Carrey, I love his comedy, and I’d watch anything with him in it, serious (The Number 23) or otherwise (almost everything else). Trailer’s below, so enjoy, and ignore the groan-worthy average-looking CGI.

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