JK Rowling’s life to be a film

JK Rowling’s incredible rags to riches story is being turned into a film.

The Harry Potter author, who is now worth a staggering £500 million, will be played by Australian actress Poppy Montgomery, best known for playing an FBI agent in Without A Trace.

Strange Magic, as it is known, will be a made-for-television movie filmed in Canada. It has been reported that the city of Victoria will stand in as Edinburgh, the author’s home town.

The story will follow her early years as an impoverished author, including how she came up with the idea for Harry Potter and her struggle to get it published.

Harry Potter, is as we all know, a hugely successful brand which is now worth £7 billion, largely due to the popular film adaptations of the book.

Talking of Harry Potter. Daniel Radcliffe has been busy making plans to secure his future after the spectacle-wearing wizard.

It has been confirmed that Radcliffe next foray into film will be in the film The Amateur Photographer. It is an indie comedy from the writer and director Christopher Monger. Yes, we know pairing the words ‘indie’ and ‘Radcliffe’ seem as likely as Harry and Voldermort sorting things out over a cup of tea down in Diagon alley, but that’s what it is. The idea of Radcliffe even doing comedy is pushing it we know, but it shows he is willing to step outside his Hogwarts bubble.

The story is set in a New England town in the 1970s. Radcliffe will play a young man with an unlikely artistic streak which he harnesses to photograph the towns’ people, capturing their most intimate moments. Sounds interesting, we wonder where the comedy comes into it?

Meanwhile he has just finished working on The Woman in Black and he is signed up to star in All Quiet on the Western Front as a German soldier next year. He is also returning to Broadway at the end of this month in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.

Phew, it’s good to know he’s keeping busy and that Rowling, the woman who gave him his spring board, is also still being recognised, even if it’s only in a made-for-television movie.

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