Joaquin Phoenix to star in Paul Thomas Anderson film?

Joaquin Phoenix could be set to star in an upcoming Paul Thomas Anderson film.

Phoenix last graced our screens in Casey Affleck’s slightly odd mockumentary I’m Still Here, which saw the actor fake his own retirement in order to pursue a career as a rap star. After all the is-it-real-is-it-fake confusion was put to rest with Affleck’s confession that Phoenix‘s apparent on-screen breakdown had been staged, some speculated that the award-winning actor may have inadvertently ended his own career.

Well, we may be about to find out if such speculation was correct. Phoenix is reportedly in talks to join Anderson’s currently untitled drama, which has previously known as The Master. The film is said to follow a fictional religious sect (which just happens to have several parallels with Scientology…), and the relationship between a new convert and the faith’s charismatic master.

Philip Seymour Hoffman has already signed on to play the lead role of Lancaster Dodd, the leader of the sect. Phoenix is thought to be being considered for the role of the new disciple – a role which was previously linked to The Town‘s Jeremy Renner.

This will be Anderson’s first film since 2007’s There Will Be Blood, which saw him nominated for Oscars for Best Achievement in Directing, Best Motion Picture of the Year, and Best Adapted Screenplay. However, the director is also currently developing his adaptation of Inherent Vice – a detective film based on the novel by Thomas Pynchon and starring Robert Downey Jr – which is scheduled for release in 2014.

The-film-previously-known-as-The-Master is another which will be written by Anderson himself, and so certainly looks to be one to watch – we’ll keep you posted!

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