John McTiernan facing prison time for wire-tapping case

John McTiernan, celebrated director of Die Hard and The Hunt for Red October, is facing time in prison for hiring a private detective to tap a producer’s phone.

It sounds like the sort of thing that would happen in one of his films, but it is the sad truth of the matter that this is real life.

Real life also tends to come with consequences, and like it or not, McTiernan will be up in front of a judge soon.

What makes it worse is he also lied to the FBI about this issue – twice. This is seen as a reason why it has now been taken so far.

It’s an interesting case, because he’s such a well-known Hollywood figure, much like the legendary director Roman Polanski. However, while Polanski nipped off to Switzerland after committing statutory rape amongst other charges, and has just been granted freedom from extradition to the US, McTiernan has had no such escape.

The private investigator hired by McTiernan, Anthony Pellicano, is currently serving a hefty 15 years in prison for tapping other phones including Sylvester Stallone’s. Rollerball producer Charles Roven, the subject of McTiernan’s wire-tap, is probably pretty upset, as anyone would be.

All this goes to show is that Hollywood names aren’t above the law, which may come as a relief to those upset about the lack of justice visited on Polanski.

Hopefully this will send a message to the more… rebellious members of the A-list community.

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