Joseph Gordon-Levitt confirms he’s in talks for Ant-Man

There have been a lot of rumours floating around the web about Edgar Wright’s adaptation of Ant-Man. In the last week alone it was suggested that Wright was torn between Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Paul Rudd for the title role. Well, according to Gordon-Levitt there’s some truth to this.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Speaking to the French Huffington Post, the actor says that he is in discussions with the studio over the role. However, we shouldn’t get excited yet, because everything is very much still up in the air.

“There are always a lot of rumours around these projects and so far it is still only discussions,” he said. I am always very transparent when it comes to my roles and my career. I’m usually the first to speak and communicate with my fans if something happens. If you hear nothing from me, they are just rumours.”

So it looks like Marvel are still weighing up their options, and ultimately if the actor is happy with pursuing the role, it will be up to them to say yes or no to him. Considering Joseph said that he doesn’t like to be shady with the details he gives out, it sounds like he’s definitely in contention.

Ant-Man is to be directed by Edgar Wright, with a script written by Joe Cornish. The film is pencilled in for a 31st July 2015 release in the US, before opening here in the UK 14th August although outside circumstances could influence a change here.

Do you reckon Joseph Gordon-Levitt would make a good Ant-Man? Or would Paul Rudd be your man of choice?

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