Josh Brolin starring in Oldboy remake

No, seriously, it really is going ahead. The Oldboy remake gains pace as talented A-lister Josh Brolin signs up to star as the protagonist.

So, what’s going on, exactly? Well, we spoke about a potential Oldboy remake a while back, as you may remember. Apparently, unlike many a remake project, it has not gone financially belly-up but has, not only secured casting, but everything else it needs to start hunting around for a villain.

Rumours are that the bad guy’s potentially being portrayed by Christian Bale, which could be a great fit if Bale can put aside the Batman voice and the method over-acting for five minutes (God help Brolin if Bale catches him messing with the lighting equipment).

Honestly, I’m more open to this than I thought I would be, and that’s simply because Brolin could actually do a remake. Having done True Grit recently, and No Country For Old Men prior to that, he’s got the rugged, worn-down ageing man thing going for him, and he’s an extremely talented fellow when it comes to generating sympathy, which is key for the Oldboy role.

It’s still somewhat blasphemous, and it’ll be interesting to see  whether or not they go with some of the original cinematography or attempt a complete retelling. The iconic hallway fight scene in the original was one of many a film-maker’s highlights of the decade. Will they re-use it? Who knows. Time will tell. More on this one as the information appears.

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