Joss Whedon confirmed to direct The Avengers

Joss Whedon, talented director and creator of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer and Firefly, alongside the film adaptation Serenity, has confirmed his directorship of The Avengers.

For those who’re a little lost when it comes to Whedon, he revitalised the vampire genre for TV, not to mention created Firefly the most cult one-season show since Fawlty Towers. Interested yet? Then read on.

Announced at the world-famous comic-now-movie-convention the San Diego Comic-Con, Whedon announced he would be helming the project.

Anyone looking for a combination of Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, The Hulk, Ant-Man and Wasp is going to be pleased, though I’d wager they might exchange a few of those for the more popular Spider-Man and X-Men.

This is the latest in a seemingly endless wave of comic book movies, having now become the biggest box-office genre of contemporary cinema.

With so many of us having been immersed in Marvel and DC pop-culture whether we read comics or not, this is the easiest possible route for cinema.

More serious films like The Dark Knight and Watchmen have also given comics a new sense of credibility, which is never a bad thing.

All that remains to be seen is who’s being cast as what – The Hulk is yet to be decided but we know it’s not Edward Norton (poor guy), Iron Man will obviously be a role reprised by Robert Downey, Jr., and I’d wager Andrew Garfield will be Spider-Man if he does indeed turn up.

Exciting stuff, and likely to have a longer A-List cast than Shrek. Hopefully egos won’t get in the way of the geek-tastic fireworks display of CGI!

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