Normally when old films are re-made in 3D, it doesn’t fill us with too much excitement. However we are prepared to make a rather hasty exception for Jurassic Park, as the news comes that its 3D re-release is set for 2013.

Without a doubt, Steven Spielberg’s first Jurassic Park set the precedent for many other monster/dinosaur-related films and has remained a giant among the releases of the 1990s. It has a fantastic cast including Jeff Goldblum, Samuel L. Jackson and Richard Attenborough, and some truly terrifyingly realistic dinosaurs (considering it was released back in 1993).

What could make this film even better? We think the answer is indeed 3D and are excited, if a little nervous, about confronting those raptors head-on. This film has all the elements that suggests it will be a success in 3D, and it will definitely have more sustained action and monsters-in-your-face than the likes of Titanic, which will hit theatres in 3D at the beginning of April.

From rumours flying around, rather like that goat from the T-Rex enclosure, it sounds as though no expense will be spared for this technological update. It is also clear that the director needs to be heavily involved in the process, which is hopefully something that Spielberg will agree with.

Jurassic Park 3D is set to open in the US on 19th July 2012, and we will let you know as soon as we hear a UK date!

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