Karate Kid 2 gets new writer

Will Smith’s vehicle for his son aka The Karate Kid sequel, is back in motion. They have switched writers from  Kung Fu Panda‘s Cyrus Voris and Ethan Reiff to Zac Penn.

Karate Kid aka Kung Fu Kid sequel is in motion again

We were all a bit baffled when we watched the re-imagined Karate Kid, because … there was no karate in it. Based loosely on and marketed as an updated version of the original 80s classic, the film was actually a step-by-step guide to kung fu, as taught by Jackie Chan.

However it didn’t deter the audience, despite being too long (over two hours!), and raked in profits above the $300 million mark. A sequel was bound to happen.

The studio got the ball rolling back in 2010, but fast forward two years and it’s still stuck at the development stage. The writers Cyrus Voris and Ethan Reiff have pulled out leaving the job to Zak Penn.

There is a mixed reaction to this news. On the one hand, some of his films have been turned into turkeys (Electra anyone?), but on the other hand there have been redeeming projects: The Incredible Hulk and the X Men sequel and threequel spring to mind. So we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

No plot details have been given away as of yet, although there is rumour the production will switch locations from China and travel back west.

Will Smith is set to return to produce the sequel, after all he brought The Karate Kid 2010 to life, and Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith are expected to return too, although no deals have been set yet.

Who knows, maybe Jaden will be allowed to learn karate this time around.

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