Karl Urban may become the new Judge Dredd

Fans of Sly Stallone’s Judge Dredd get your whetstones out – the man may have this throne as the ultimate policeman taken from him by newcomer Karl Urban.

Judge Dredd is possibly one of the most original, long-running dystopian sci-fi comic universes around. Set in the police state of Megacity One, it follows Dredd, a policeman with the power to act as judge, jury and executioner when apprehending criminals.

This sounds like Watchdog gone slightly mad, but it’s a concept that makes for some interesting socio-political commentary. Oh, and tons of bullets, explosions and gruff men and women stomping around with eyes obscured and helmets on.

Karl Urban, recently starring as Leonard “Bones” McCoy in the feature-length re-imagining of Star Trek, alongside work on The Chronicles of Riddick and The Bourne Supremacy, has had his far share of action and sci-fi experience. He’s also openly a big fan of the Judge, so that’s a positive.

So, thoughts? I’ll be honest, he’s not a dead-ringer for the muscular, square jawed super-cop, but he may bring a new angle to it that we’ve not seen before. I remember being unsure about the relatively low-in-the-ranks name of Ron Perlman when Hellboy was announced, and then being blown away by his performance.

Feel free to comment – do you think anyone else would fit the role? Personally, I’d go with Mickey Rourke, before he completely turns into a cat.

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