Katy Perry: concert movie or biopic?

There is a lot of rumour and buzz surrounding Katy Perry. Apparently she is to star in a 3D concert film in the future. She is also supposed to be the subject-matter of a new movie about her rise to fame…

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There is no denying Katy Perry is a fascinating subject, so it is no surprise the film industry might want to cash in on her success. But which project is it to be?

Paramount Pictures are allegedly in talks with Katy’s people to make a 3D film of her concert. If it goes forward, she will be following in the footsteps of Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and the television show Glee, all of which released concert movies in the last few years.

However she is also tipped to have a film made about her life! The film would follow her transition from Katheryn Hudson, the daughter of pastors Keith and Mary Hudson, to Katy Perry the chart topping sex symbol. An intriguing story. Producer Brian Grazer, the man behind Beautiful Mind and Apollo 13, is thought to be linked to the title.

Both projects are currently in the hear-say stage at the moment though. If the biopic of her life does happen, everyone will be keen to see if she insists upon airbrushing her 14 month marriage to Russell Brand out of it. After all, their high profile relationship is arguably a massive factor in her current level of fame, no matter how sensitive the topic.

The concert movie will no doubt be first in line, despite not having any tour dates booked yet. Her concerts are famed for their colourful spectacle so they would lend themselves to the cinema experience. However no director is on board as of yet.

Would you watch Katy Perry: The Concert Movie? How about a Katy biopic?

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