Kristen Stewart quits Cali

She’s been keeping a low profile since her shocking cheating scandal stormed the media, but now Kristen Stewart has announced she’s dropping out of her role in Cali.

It’s also been rumoured that the Twilight star will not be attending the UK premiere of On The Road, which is an adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s cult classic novel of the same name.

Gossip Cop reported that the 22-year-old Californian actress has quit her role as Mya in the romantic-drama Cali. She had been set to appear alongside Alex Pettyfer (Magic Mike), but now it’s thought that Amber Heard (The Rum Diaries) will be taking over Stewart’s role.Nick Cassavetes – who brought us The Notebook and My Sister’s Keeper – is directing Cali, which tells the story of two young lovers who find themselves caught up in crime.

The recent frenzy, which appears to have resulted in Stewart dropping out of the role,  kicked off when Stewart was photographed cheating on her long term boyfriend, Robert Pattinson, with Snow White And The Huntsman director Rupert Sanders.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn director, Bill Condon, leapt to Stewart’s defence, saying that Twi-Hards should ‘respect’  Stewart and her Twilight co-star, Pattinson.

He told Entertainment Weekly: “Both of these actors gave heart and soul to the Twilight movies, not only during shooting, but also by navigating so graciously the whole life-in-a-fishbowl aspect of the phenomenon.”

He added: “Above all they have always shown great respect for the fans who made these movies such a success. Now it’s time that some of that respect be returned to them.”

Pattinson, on the other hand, is taking a rather different approach to Stewart, who has shunned the limelight since the scandal broke. He is set to give a TV interview to promote his new movie Cosmopolis on Good Morning America on 15th August.

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