Kristen Stewart to have mini cameo in mum’s film

Jules Stewart is due to make her directorial début soon with a film entitled K-11. Recognise the name? She also happens to be the mother of one of the most well-known stars of the moment, made famous by a little vampire series called The Twilight Saga

Kristen Stewart may be busy fighting an evil queen in Snow White and the Huntsman and snuggling up to Robert Pattinson in the last instalment of Twilight, but she still has time for her family. She will be making a mini-cameo in her mother’s début film, where she’ll have a small voice-over role. Her character will be called Karen, the secretary of a record producer who ends up in a section of the Los Angeles County Jail that is reserved for homosexuals. This section is called K-11, hence the title of the project, filming for which has recently been completed.

Seeing as they’re family, we supposed it would be silly not to use  Kristen’s fame to boost publicity a little. Kristen’s mum has given a small part to her daughter, who had wanted to be part of the project in some way. That’s on top of all her other commitments as an actress, idol and all round new vampire/apple-eating fairytale character.

The film will also mark the big screen début of Kristen’s older brother, Cameron, who will be playing a male prisoner called ‘Sledgehamer’ –  a name which is certainly no ‘Bella’, so we imagine he hasn’t chosen to follow entirely in his sister’s acting footsteps.  K-11 will be released in the U.S. this year, we’ll keep you posted!

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