Latest Source Code trailer online

The trailer for Source Code, the latest film to star Jake Gyllenhaal has arrived online.

It’s the second feature film from director Duncan Jones. The name might ring a bell as he was the man behind Moon, the Bafta-winning sci fi movie starring Sam Rockwell. He is also the son of rock legend, David Bowie (who was born David Jones, but changed his name so as not to be confused with Davy Jones of 60s pop band, The Monkees).

In Source Code, Gyllenhaal plays Colter Stevens, a soldier who is transported into the body of a man aboard a train about to die in terrorist attack. He is given just eight minutes to find out who the bomber is in order to prevent the attack from happening.

While back in time, he falls for one of the passengers on the train, played by Michelle Monaghan and so is intent on saving her life as well as stopping the bomb. Well,falling in love in less than 8 minutes is certainly quick work, but as it’s sci-fi we’ll let them get away with it.

The film has already received quite a lot of hype, possibly due to the actors in it (Vera Farmiga and Jeffrey Wright also star), or the mind boggling technology used to travel back in time, or perhaps because Duncan Jones is directing.

We’re just excited because we get to stare at Jack Gyllenhaal a lot and it looks like he’s going to be looking sweaty and ruffled throughout, whoopee!

Source Code will be in UK cinemas on April 1. Meanwhile take a look at the trailer below.

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