Lego Movie by 2014

From battling against intergalactic enemies in Star Wars, to riding runaway trains in Indiana Jones, the Lego men are back for another toy town adventure after Warner Brothers won the rights to make a Lego film.

From explosions to underwater scenes, we will see an action-adventure film set in the Lego world. The brick-built film will consist of 80% animation, with the remaining 20% filled in by live action actors.

Directing and writing the film will be Phil Lord and Chris Miller (Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs), who will be starting work on the animation after they have made the final touches to their upcoming début, 21 Jump Street.

Chris McKay (Robot Chicken) will also be helping to direct the Lego film, which could be released by 2014.

The casting for human actors starts next January, just before Lord and Miller’s release of 21 Jump Street in March.

Australian company, Animal Logic – who are known for Happy Feet and The Legend of the Guardians – will be producing the film.

The plot is tightly under wraps, but we hope to have more information after a news conference takes place next week in New South Wales.

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