Lots of love for Harry Potter as romance hits Hogwarts

It’s the penultimate Harry Potter flick (well, the final film in the series is being divided in two so really this is the third from last cinema release), and it’s been a long, long time coming. The fact that The Half-Blood Prince was originally pencilled for release last November could seem concerning – such a major delay normally spells post-production trouble. However, the pushback actually benefits viewers (and the box-office) since an extra 60 IMAX theatres will have opened by 17 July, meaning Harry and his chums can now been seen in full 3D cinematic glory.
Set during Harry’s sixth year at Hogwarts, we see the sinister impact Lord Voldemort is making on the wizard world set against a backdrop of typical teen drama as romance hits the school. In fact, Ron gets his first smooch from new girl Lavender Brown, which might well break a few hearts both onscreen (Hermione) and off (the 6,999 girls that actress Jessie Cave beat at audition to the role most likely). So how was it for Jessie?
“The kissing scene was on my third day,” the 21-year-old told The Film Review. “I was petrified – particularly since there were around 70 extras on set at time. It was nerve-wracking for both of us. The weirdest thing has been getting Harry Potter fan mail before the film has even been released though!”

Behind the Scenes – Harry Potter

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