Madonna casts famous Fox acting family in new movie

It somehow passed us by that Madonna has co-written a film which she will be directing, so hearing that she has cast two of the famous Fox dynasty has come as quite a surprise.

James and Laurence Fox (the one married to Billie Piper) are set to play King George V and his son Bertie, in the film W.E., which began shooting this week.

Madonna and the famous Fox family? Not really two names we’d thought we’d ever say in the same sentence.

Anyway, if you are unfamiliar with the story, here goes: In 1936 Britain’s King Edward VIII scandalised the country and had to abdicate the throne rather than give up the woman he had fallen in love with. This was because the woman in question, Wallis Simpson, was a divorcee and an American to boot! All very controversial at the time.

Madonna co-wrote the script with Alek Keshishian, who directed her in the classic In Bed With Madonna. The superstar has not perhaps had the best foray into the film world, but maybe this will turn it around for her.

The film also stars Abbie Cornish, James D’Arcy and Andrea Riseborough who plays Wallis.

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