Mangold up for the next Wolverine director’s gig

Directing a Wolverine film is a tough gig. With comic fans to impress and The Dark Knight at top at the box office, you have little room to go right. Hopefully Knight and Day and 3:10 to Yuma director James Mangold is up to the task.

Wolverine, Wolverine, Wolverine; what’s going on with you? The X-Men trilogy was a great example of comic book adaptation done right – it was accessible, enjoyable, and Jackman was born to play the part of the clawed, adamantium-plated angry man. But X-Men Origins: Wolverine was, well, a little hit and miss.

It suffered from a colossal amount of CGI fail. The production company had argued that the leaked version had pre-final SFX, but when it hit cinemas there was no improvement. These amateurish-looking special effects in a multi-million-dollar blockbuster representing one of Marvel’s brightest stars was extremely ill-received.

The next Wolverine film is being taken care of by someone who knows the series well, and will likely do his best to avoid the fan drubbing that is ever-imminent should something sub-par debut at the San Diego Comic Con: James Mangold. Luckily for him, the massed geeks of Comic Con are probably not too big a deal – after all, the comic book audience makes up a minute percentage of the film-going public, and who really cares if Wolverine’s facial hair is wrong or his jacket is the wrong colour.

The film itself is a well-known story to Wolverine fans – his journey to Japan and ill-fated relationship with Itsu. It should be a powerful film and it’s nice to see a comic book adaptation taking place outside the West, as I can imagine manicured gardens and falling petals are a perfect setting for a dramatic fight sequence. More on this as it comes, claw-fans.

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