Marcus Nispel to direct Backmask

Ever played a record backwards to hear something creepy? Might be a dangerous idea, if Blackmask, soon to be directed by King of the Horror Re-boot Marcus Nispel, is anything to go by.

Nispel has something of a horror pedigree. In addition to directing Massacre, he was also at the helm of re-booting both The Texas Chainsaw Massacre in 2003 and Friday the 13th in 2009, so with those two major horror franchises under his belt directing Blackmask seems a perfect fit.

The film follows a bunch of teenagers who decide, at a party, to play a record backwards. Except, it possesses some of them and all hell breaks lose when they start issuing warnings about an evil record-spirit.

Still here? Okay.

Well, it’s a little grasping-for-straws, but realistically it’s being handled by someone pretty competent. Horror is also going in a far stronger, darker direction than it has before, and Hostel and the Saw series provide significant evidence to support that it’s very much about the shocks, these days. With so many exorcism movies appearing in the genre recently, it might be nice to see something a little different (although not quite as different as Rubber, but there you go). We’ll have more on this as it comes.

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