Mark Ruffalo is the The Hulk

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Mark Ruffalo. Don’t make him angry. You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry

As with all Comic-Con news, it’s been met with rapturous applause and scathing hardcore-fan cynicism that Mark Ruffalo, actor of Zodiac and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind fame, will be donning the muscles and green skin.

As part of the upcoming Avengers, he will play Dr. Bruce Banner, also known as The Incredible Hulk.

The Hulk, like Spiderman, is a figure of pop-culture. We know that when innocent scientist Bruce Banner gets riled, the torn purple shorts and tank-throwing are just around the corner.

Recent efforts, such as Eric Bana and Edward Norton’s versions of the character, didn’t do too well at the box office, despite Marvel expecting otherwise.

However, with the A-list festival of big names that is The Avengers rapidly approaching, roles such as Captain America, the Hulk and Thor needed to be filled, and of course they’ll all be getting their own separate cinematic adventures.

Cue many fans waiting in rapture for an “Marvel meets DC universe” in which every A-list actor and actress in the next ten years will star as some superhero or other.

Interestingly, there was a rather amusing rumour flitting about, pertaining to Ant-Man being played by none other than Nathan ‘Malcolm Reynolds’ Fillion himself. Shame it’s not true.

I’d pay double to see that one – though if it’s in 3D, I would be anyway! Zing.

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