Mark Wahlberg for The Crow remake?

The Crow is entering Remake Country, and the man at the wheel is none other than The Other Guys and Max Payne star Mark Wahlberg.

Mark’s been in many a film lately, and the talented man seems to be on the rise. His most recent release, buddy-cop comedy The Other Guys was a success, receiving good reviews across the board.

This time, however, he’s doing something far more serious than the manic Will Ferrell stuff. The Crow was a 1994 adaptation of the comic book by James O’Barr. A brilliant film merging the themes of the superhero and the dark side of human nature, it was a major critical success.

The sad part of the story comes in the form of leading actor Brandon Lee. While on set shooting the film, a prop assistant failed to check a gun properly (the firearms expert having been sent home early), and instead of a blank, a live round was fired that hit Lee and fatally wounded him. His death meant an increase in the film’s budget from $7million to $15million, to fund the computer technology used to finish Lee’s scenes.

Mark Wahlberg’s got a hefty job on his shoulders. Tragic deaths surrounding films do, unfortunately, tend to drive up attention to the film, and a remake of such an infamous piece is sure to send a lot of criticism their way, especially if it doesn’t match up. The Dark Knight was a fitting cinematic epitaph to Heath Ledger’s career, and the same goes for Brandon Lee – a light snuffed out before it could truly flare into historic brilliance.

To properly honour the original, the new film should be a by-the-book remake of the first. But only 16 years down the line, are Hollywood really so desperate for comic book movie material that they’re re-hashing this tale already? More news as it comes, but hopefully we’ll see a reboot that does justice to to the dark history surrounding the original.

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