Martin Scorsese set to direct Frank Sinatra biopic

John Travolta showed us all he could sing in Grease and Hairspray, but has he got what it takes to be Sinatra?

Martin Scorsese is set to direct a film about the musical legend and the Saturday Night Fever star is just one of the names being bandied around about the lead (along with the suitably more slimmer and mopped Leonardo DiCaprio).With Universal behind the production, Sinatra’s daughter Tina is set to be the executive producer, so the biopic might be viewed with slightly rose tinted specs, with the crooner’s Mafia connections conveniently omitted from memory. Although, having said that, Scorsese isn’t normally one to shy away from a bit of gang-land drama, so it’s hard to predict – even if Tina does tell him “I want it My Way” (sorry).

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