McKellen, Serkis and Wood all confirmed for The Hobbit

Not the easiest offer to turn down, and considering most of them are Lord of the Rings geeks anyway, it’s a no-brainer, surely? Either way, Gandalf, Gollum and Frodo are in!

Ignoring the rather odd announcement of Elijah Wood returning as Frodo, as Frodo’s not technically in The Hobbit (TFR’s guess – epilogue), knowing that Gollum and Gandalf are in safe hands has brought about the collective sigh of relief from many a Tolkien/Jackson fan.

Of course, Kiwi director Peter Jackson must be over the moon – we certainly are. Gandalf and Gollum are two of the main characters to feature in both The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, and actor replacements are never popular.

Hopefully, Martin Freeman will match up as the new, younger version of Bilbo Baggins, and we’ll see a variety of, well, great actors pretending to be Dwarves. No one said this was an easy gig! Though judging by recent events, the chances of them speaking to the New Zealand Actor’s Guild are low. More on new cast announcements as we go.

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