Meanies Season comes to Sky Movies

Are you a fan of all things catty and sassy? If so, then get ready for a fantastic week when Sky Movies Drama & Romance show some ‘meanie’ classics over six consecutive nights.

We’ve all seen them, laughed at their jokes or been disturbed by their sinister undercurrents. However you look at it, we love the idea of watching a film that sees key characters ripping into one another, whether verbally or physically. From 23rd January, Sky will be dedicating a season to the best of the bunch when it comes to girl fights, fake smiles and outright hostility.

Each film will be shown at 8pm on their designated evening and the week will begin on Monday 23rd January with Coyote Ugly. Come down to the bar and witness young, aspiring songwriter Violet Sanford as she attempts to overcome her shyness and get noticed. Tuesday is the turn of Julie & Julia, where you can see chef Julia Child’s early career contrasted with blogger and aspiring author Julie Powell, who wants to cook every one of the chef’s 524 recipes in a year.

Midweek brings The Social Network, where we see how the popular site Facebook came into being. However, this film is not without its own snide, underhand dealings that ensure it deserves its place in Meanies Season. Want to watch a powerful woman fight her way (metaphorically) to the top? Against The Ropes will be shown on the Thursday, starring Meg Ryan as the first female boxing manager in American boxing.

Last but by no means least come two of the biggest ‘meanie’ films of recent years, in the form of Black Swan and Mean Girls. The former will play on Friday, with Natalie Portman in all her graceful glory in the sinister tale of a rivalry between two ballerinas. After this, you may be in dire need of some light-hearted, cringe-worthy fun, which is where Mean Girls comes in. This is arguably the definitive ‘meanie’ chick-flick, following Cady Heron as she attempts to fit in with a clique called ‘The Plastics’ at her new school.

So get the popcorn/ice cream/chocolate out (or in the case of Black Swan, make sure you have a pillow to hide behind and other people to watch it with) and get ready for a great Meanies Season.

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