Mel Gibson’s The Beaver DVD copy apparently stolen

It seems a copy of The Beaver, Gibson’s latest cinematic outing, has been stolen from his mailbox where he left it for a courier to collect. Not a wise move.

Okay, readers, let’s be frank about this. Mel Gibson is, by and large, probably one of the most universally disliked people in the film industry today for his constant anti-Semitism. However, anyone who disputes his acting ability will probably face a fair few confused stares, even from those offended by his remarks.

The Beaver‘s a seriously odd film. Playing a man hit hard by an emotional downswing, he copes via the use of a beaver hand puppet. You could say you couldn’t make this stuff up, but it turns out you can, because it’s coming into cinemas later this year.

So here’s the skinny. Studio people come to Gibson’s house to drop off a copy of the film for him to watch – a refreshing move, as actors often avoid seeing their own films. After he’s done with it he leaves it in his mailbox at 10:45am for the courier to pick up, (mistake number one) and by the time the courier arrives to grab it at 2:30pm, it’s gone.

Mistake number two? Assuming most people would have a serious aversion to the film showing up for free. There are people out there talking about this being a PR stunt, but speaking as UK journalist, this is one of the few bits of news or PR I’ve ever seen for this film. Clearly marketing his comeback outside of the USA isn’t a key priority.

If the film shows up online, hopefully we’ll get some form of advance warning of how it’ll play out. That being said, it’s important to note that TFR doesn’t endorse the piracy of films in any way – if you enjoy an entertainment medium, pay for it. Till next time on Gibson Says…

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