Men in Black III to begin filming in September

Old and busted, meet the new hotness. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are reprising their roles as Agents J and K respectively in the third outing of the black comedy-sci-fi, Men in Black III.

With a considerable eight years between this version of the MIB franchise and the last one which came out in 2002, it’s going to come with a fair few expectations.

Then again, so did Toy Story 3, but Pixar’s track record is a little more solid than that of MIB director Barry Sonnenfeld, who has a few iffy outings in his recent portfolio – Will Smith in Wild Wild West being a good example.

The film is also being referred to (by Wikipedians at least) as Men In Black III-D, which would imply they’re jumping on the three-dimensional cinematic bandwagon.

We can expect some gruesome monsters and fantastic CGI (who could forget the giant cockroach? Eeek!) will make that worth the extra quid or so in ticket price.

So, the story low-down is this: J has to travel back in time (using an iPhone…) to stop Boris, a biker villain, from murdering a 1969 version of K. Boris, who will played by the incredibly talented Jemaine Clement (of Flight of the Conchords fame), should make for a much better villain than the disappointingly clichéd tentacle-woman from MIB II.

The film begins filming in New York this September (next month now – didn’t that go fast?), and is planned for a May 25, 2012 release. Seems like a way away, but it might be a nice way to spend some time in  the UK in 2010 in a way that won’t involve the Olympics.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they begin angling for a July 4th weekend release instead. That being said, Spiderman 4 (or the re-boot, anyway) starts filming in December for a July 3 release, so it’d be a tough box office opener for any film that doesn’t involve webs and tights.

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