Michael Cera to learn Spanish for new role

It was only yesterday here at TFR Towers that we were talking about the fact that Michael Cera always seems to play the same role. We’re not saying he isn’t a good actor, he just always seems to play the same character, doesn’t he?

Imagine our surprise then when we heard that Cera is currently learning Spanish for his latest role in a Sebastian Silva film. Silva isn’t particularly well known, his most well-known film was The Maid, which did well at Sundance. So, you get the idea, he’s not a big budget, hot shot Hollywood director.

Cera, who is known for films such a Juno and Youth in Revolt, is currently a popular face in the movie industry. However he must have got bored of playing the same character, so has now chosen to take part in a Spanish language film set in Chile.

Currently we don’t know anything else about the film, the news came from Youth in Revolt director Miguel Arteta who said:

“He’s gonna do a movie with him in Chile. He’s spending five hours a day learning Spanish. He follows his own heart.”

So there you have it, but he’s not the only one learning Spanish for a role. Comedic actor Will Ferrell has signed up for Casa De Mi Padre, a spoof of a telenovela (a Mexican soap opera), with Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Bernal. This is a real chance for foreign films to make it in mainstream Hollywood, but we’ll just have to wait and see if Cera and Ferrell can pull it off.

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