Michael Fassbender to become corrupted lawyer in The Counsellor

He’s been cast in yet another film. Yes, the Michael Fassbender reign of acting greatness continues apace with the news comes that he will play the leading role in Ridley Scott’s new film The Counsellor.


The story of The Counsellor follows a top lawyer who starts dabbling in the drug business. This storyline, of an unlikely character getting into the drug world has echoes of two recent films, the 2010 Holy Rollers and The Wackness, out in 2008. The former, directed by Kevin Asch and starring Jesse Eisenberg, is set in Brooklyn and follows a Jewish youth as he begins to deal in ecstasy. While the latter, starring Ben Kingsley and directed by Jonathan Levine, is also set in New York, and centres on a lonely, pot-dealing teenager whose clients include his therapist.

Is Michael Fassbender a good choice to play a lawyer-gone-wrong? Almost certainly. Having had a whole variety of roles, from the dashingly powerful Mr Rochester in period drama Jane Eyre to a New York sex addict in Shame, he has proven that he can handle variety. In The Counsellor, he will find that life goes rapidly downhill when he gets sucked into the world of drugs, so the dark emotions of the story should also suit his brooding good looks perfectly.

At the ripe age of 74, Ridley Scott isn’t hanging around. His current project Prometheus (also featuring Fassbender), is due for release in the UK on 1st June. There is no doubt that his trademark style of striking visuals and atmospheric lighting will make it into this new film, but it will also be interesting to see whether it proceeds at the slower pace of Blade Runner or move a bit quicker like Black Hawk Down. The screenplay has been written by Cormac McCarthy, so it is likely that it will set within his trademark masculine world, filled with sexual obsessions.

Two major female characters will intrude into this world and there will also be a dastardly villain. These three roles are yet to be cast and are likely to become hotly contested in the time before filming is  expected to start in May. We’ll bring you more updates as we hear them.

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