Miley Cyrus raises eyebrows once again

Miley Cyrus is determined to lose her good girl image it seems.

The script from her new movie LOL: Laugh Out Loud has been circulating the web after it was leaked and by the sound of it, it could be pretty saucy.

Miley is starring alongside Twilight‘s Ashley Greene and Demi Moore is playing her mum. Apparently, Miley has been banned from hanging out with Ashley when they are not filming, as her parents think the 23-year-old will lead her astray.

It has been reported that Miley plays a 17-year-old, called Lola, who loses her virginity, talks about sex incessantly, smokes marijuana, kisses girls, gets drunks and shows her mum her bikini wax.

Woah! It’s goodbye to Hannah Montana then.

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