Mission: Impossible 4 trailer now online

Dun dun, dun dun dun dun, dun dun… Yeah, you know the drill. Cruise is back again in his super-spy outfit, and the trailer is most definitely for a Mission Impossible flick.

You’d think Cruise would want to move on from his role as Ethan Hunt (perhaps to play a bigger part – like Jack Reacher! I’ll stop this soon, don’t worry). But it seems he’s quite happy to immerse himself in science fiction and conspiracy theories for quite a while yet – and that’s before he’s even reached the set.

Mission: Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol kicks off with the destruction of the Russian Kremlin. Now, I think you can safely verify that it’s a rather brash move, and the U.S. government are very keen to pin it on a few people to avoid a war. Those people happen to be Ethan Hunt and his mates, and unless he legs it and exposes the real culprits, things could go south for him and the gang fairly swiftly.

The cast are, aside from Cruise, a mix of old and new faces. One in particular that reassures me that the film will have a sense of humour is the casting of Simon Pegg in the role of Benji Dunn once more, a tech-savvy donor character to Cruise’s protagonist.

The trailer is reliably Mission: Impossible-esque, and sits below. Enjoy.

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