Monty Python cast reuniting for animation

Monty Python fans can rejoice, as the news arrives that the world-famous funny men will be once again gracing our screens for a new project in the not-too-distant future. The film, to be entitled Absolutely Anything, will be directed by Terry Jones. Before fans get their hopes too high, Jones has made it clear that this is not going to be another Monty Python project, although it will definitely have some echoes of the much-loved atmosphere. John Cleese, also known for making Fawlty Towers, will be bringing his classic walk to the project, and joining him will be Michael Palin and Terry Gilliam. Absolutely Anything will follow a man who has been given the power to do anything he wants by a benevolent group of aliens. If course this can only end well, right? The film will be created through a combination of live action sequences and CGI animation, which we’re assuming means that some crazy stuff is gonna go down. Eric Idle is also likely to join the project soon, and Robin Williams is apparently going to provide the voice for Dennis, a talking dog. Production of Absolutely Anything is planned to start this spring, so hold onto your hats as this looks like it’s going to be a corker…

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