Vamp it up: The Moth Diaries trailer is here

Do you enjoy whimsical chick flicks and romantic comedies? If so then this trailer isn’t for you. Mary Harron’s The Moth Diaries looks to be a psychological horror about female adolescence that is going to be chilling.

Lily Cole looking scary in The Moth DiariesDon’t be fooled by the title. This isn’t an animation about a moth and its adventures. We can’t imagine that that would be a very interesting film actually.

Nope, this is a psychological horror film. On face value it will no doubt look like another Twilight, but don’t be fooled. Romance is significantly absent from the trailer, the mood far darker, the acting a drastic improvement, and as for the vampires … well that is a little ambiguous.

The film revolves around Rebecca (Sarah Bolger), a girl sent to a boarding school after her father dies. When a new girl arrives in the form of the mysterious Ernessa, played by Lily Cole (St Trinian’s), her life begins to take a drastic turn. Jealous of Ernessa’s bond with best friend Lucie, Rebecca believes the newcomer is a vampire like their teacher has described in class.

It’s based on the teen novel by Rachel Klein, a book that delves far deeper into the realms of female adolescence than most. And it was published before the Twilight craze polluted young minds.

It’s no wonder that American Psycho‘s Mary Harron took on the title to direct.

The Moth Diaries land in US cinemas on the 20th April 2012. So far there has not been a UK release announced.

Watch the trailer below:

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