Natalie Portman angry at change of Thor 2 director

Marvel Studios are reportedly doing all they can to appease an angry Natalie Portman, after firing the director of Thor 2, which the actress is set to appear in.

Natalie Portman Thor 2

Patty Jenkins, who is perhaps best known for directing the award-winning crime-drama, Monster, has been officially dropped from the upcoming sequel to this year’s superhero film, Thor. However, the studio is thought to have neglected to inform the film’s female lead, Natalie Portman, before the news became public information.

Jenkins was originally hired to replace Kenneth Branagh, who declined the opportunity to return as director for the sequel. While the official reason for Jenkins’ departure from Thor 2 was cited as ‘creative differences’, rumour has it that she was fired without warning. Had Jenkins stayed on, she would have been the first female director to head up a major superhero film.

Portman, however, was thought to have been instrumental in persuading to hire Jenkins in the first place. The actress had apparently been considering taking a break from acting in order to spend time with her son, who was born in June, but reconsidered when she heard that Jenkins was on board. Whilst she is now contractually obliged to appear in the film, reports have stated that Portman is extremely unhappy with the decision.

In an attempt to resolve the issue, Marvel are said to be doing all that they can to include Portman in deciding who they should take on as Jenkins’ replacement. They are currently thought to be considering either Alan Taylor or Daniel Minahan, both of whom have worked on the hit TV series, Game of Thrones, as well as a number of other television dramas.

Will Portman be happy to let a man take over the job? We’ll keep you posted!

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