Natalie Portman wants to work closer to home

Natalie Portman envies British actors who get to work close to home. The actress who is currently promoting Thor: The Dark World, lives in Hollywood but says she feels like a ‘gypsy’ because she’s constantly on the move from project to project.

Natalie Portman

Portman reprises her role as Jane Foster, the mortal lover of Chris Hemsworth‘s Thor, in Marvel’s latest adventure. Filming didn’t take place where she lives in California though, but rather in a studio in London, as is often the case these days. And while she does love to travel the world and work in different locations, she also envies actors who live closer to the most popular filming locations.

“We don’t really shoot in Hollywood at all these days,” she explained. “I love working here [in London], though, and I’m a little envious of British actors and British crews because they can always work close to home.”

“American and Australian actors, we end up like gypsies: moving from movie to movie, changing cities all the time,” she recently told Many British crews and actors would probably say the opposite, wishing they could see more of the world than the big studios in and around London.

It goes to show that even the most fulfilled and successful people in the world can feel homesick, not that she begrudges her British colleagues good fortunes. “You can really have such a fulfilling, wonderful rich career in London, between the theatre, the TV here, and the film. It’s pretty cool to get to live and work in the same place.”

The latest Thor movie sees her character Jane suffering through a long-distance relationship which Portman can probably relate to thanks to her globe-trotting lifestyle.

“I think that the characters are going through some very relatable things, even though they’re travelling between realms. You don’t look at it as, ‘Thor went off to fight this epic battle in a far off realm.’ You look at it as, ‘There was this great guy who suddenly didn’t return your calls.’ That helps ground it.”

Thor: The Dark World is in UK cinemas now!

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