Natalie Portman has reportedly been shopping a raunchy comedy script she’s co-written with a college friend to various Hollywood studios.

She may have only recently finished attending premières for her upcoming psychological thriller, Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan, but it looks like Portman is heading back to more light-hearted films with her first script-writing attempt.

The film is called BYO, as in Bring Your Own, and has already been described as “a female-themed Superbad” by the executives who’ve taken a peek. It’s said to be the story of two very different women who, having had no success with men, decide to throw a party where each woman attending has to bring an eligible bachelor.

Portman wrote the script with college friend Laura Moses, and will reportedly be taking on one of the lead roles. Meanwhile, rumour has it that Anne Hathaway is keen to take on the other lead role, which could certainly make for a good comedy pairing.

Despite the project already having been rejected by several studios in Hollywood, it could still get made by another studio or via independent funding. We can’t say we’re not a little intrigued to see Portman’s attempt as script-writing, so we’ll definitely keep you posted!

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