Nicholas Cage leaves, then returns, to Tresspass

Nicolas Cage has probably irritated a few studio heads this week, having ditched a lead role and then returned to a different role in the same film, two weeks from filming.

It sounds like a mess, but that’s probably because it is! Only yesterday, reports were coming in that Cage, due to star alongside Nicole Kidman in the kidnapper flick Tresspass, had ditched the film and was on holiday and unreachable.

Diva behaviour? We’d say so. However, he’s now returned to the film, playing the part of Kidman’s husband. This is the first role he was chosen for, but he ditched it for the role of the kidnapper before leaving the project entirely.

The weirdest part? He was due to be paid $7million for the part, though whether he’ll be using that to finally pay off a few debts is questionable. He’s a fairly reckless guy when it comes down to it, and hopefully it won’t impact on the quality of the film, for the sake of the other people involved.

It just goes to show that money may buy happiness (or at least mansions) – but it certainly doesn’t improve your sense of responsibility!

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