Noah: The Movie Preview

The upcoming release of the cinematic re-telling of one of the Bible’s most epic narratives, has certainly been fraught with controversy before we even get to see the movie! With reports of the film’s release already being banned in several countries around the globe, as well as protests against it before its release, Noah has definitely succeeded in getting the audience’s attention.

Whet your appetite

Noah stars Russell Crowe

With the release of the Noah movie trailer, we’ve all had a chance to whet our appetites and see just what’s in store, and this is a Biblical film like nothing else you’ll have seen before. Directed by Darren Aronofsky, of Black Swan fame, you can expect that this film will be probing the darker question of what happens when you’re faced with impending natural disaster, and judging from what he’s had to say about the film’s criticisms so far, Aronofsky is certainly very passionate about staying true to the story he wants to tell.

A dystopian future?


Part disaster movie and part psychological thriller, Noah re-imagines the story of The Great Flood, by following Noah and his family, as he begins to experience visions that foretell a great disaster. While his family may have faith in him, others do not necessarily feel the same. Amidst the battle for survival against Mother Nature, Noah and his family must also counter the threat of rival tribes who dismiss his visions as insane. With a blockbuster cast, featuring Russell Crowe as the eponymous hero, Anthony Hopkins and Ray Winstone, as well as Emma Watson and Jennifer Connelly, you can look forward to some superb acting to bring this gripping tale to life. While the movie might have taken its inspiration from the ancient Biblical story, the film is not confined to any particular time – and could just as easily portray a dystopian future on the brink of natural destruction.

Impressive CGI


With anticipation building, the preview trailer gives you a sneaky peek at what’s in store. Lighter on the religious parables, and focusing instead on the terrifying catastrophe that’s in store for Noah, his family, and ostensibly, the rest of creation, the film’s trailer gives a taste of what looks to be some seriously impressive CGI work. It might come as a surprise that the enormous menagerie of animals caught on film are entirely digital – the sheer numbers and complexity of the animal scenes will leave you stunned. Not to mention the truly awe-inspiring rendering of torrential downpours and the overwhelming flood. This is not about some minor shower, and certainly shows the devastating potential of natural forces.

While Paramount Studios have decided to release a disclaimer alongside the film’s promotion, referring audiences back to the Biblical account of the story, the film could quite easily stand up on its own, as an epic movie charting the impact of some very topical potential natural disasters. Noah is definitely a massive story, on many different levels, with an enormous scope that is bound to impress.

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