OMG Katie Price film is happening!

Woo hoo! We finally get the chance to write about the one and only Pricey!

This is probably the most bizarre story we have heard so far this year – apparently a Katie Price biopic is in the works.

According to reports, the former glamour model signed the deal yesterday while in LA. She tweeted: “On the way to sign a exciting deal wooo.”

It is thought she met with the big shots at Paramount to finalise details for the film which will charts her rise from a topless model to the extremely successful business woman she is today (she’s worth a whopping £40 million).

Being Katie Price, she has already been speaking about it but has managed to keep quiet on the big details. What she has said is: “It’s huge. Something nobody will be expecting. I won’t worry about people saying s**t about me – I’m hard.”

While in LA, Katie aka Jordan, attended Elton John’s Oscar party, amid rumours of her starting a relationship with boxer Amir Khan, who has gone on to firmly deny anything.

There aren’t many more details about the project at this point, but as a woman who sells most details of her life to the press, we’re sure it won’t be long until we can tell you more. Exciting stuff, no?

Any thoughts on which lucky actress will be playing the mother of three? We’re thinking this could be Janice Dickinson’s chance to break into the movies!

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