Les Miserables stage stars – from musicals to movies

The original stars of the hit West End musical, Les Miserables, will make an appearance in the upcoming big screen remake.

Rehearsals for the film start on Monday, and joining the Hollywood stars will be two of the original cast from the stage show.

Hollywood actors, including Hugh Jackman (X-Men ) Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway (The Princess Diaries ) Helena Bonham Carter and Sacha Baron Cohen (Hugo), will be joined by theatre stars, Colm Wilkinson and Frances Ruffelle.

Wilkinson played the original Jean Valjean – a Frenchman who was in Bagne prison for 19 years after stealing bread – while Ruffelle played the role of Eponine – the destitute daughter of the crooked Thénardier family.

Russell Crowe will be playing Inspector Javert, Hugh Jackman is taking the role of Jean Valjean, Anne Hathaway has been cast as Fantine and Amanda Seyfried is playing Cosette.

We will also see Sacha Baron Cohen as Thénardier – a corrupt innkeeper – with his larger than life wife played by Helena Bonham Carter.

Cameron Mackintosh – who produced the stage show – is also involved with the cinematic remake, with award-winning film maker Tom Hooper directing the picture.

Hooper, who used to direct Eastenders and Byker Grove, has already spent three weeks with Jackman in order to perfect his character for the role.

Wilkinson was reported saying that his journey with Les Miserables has ended ‘and I have come full circle’.

Les Miserables was first staged almost 30 years ago and it still remains a sell out show in the West End and Broadway.

Around 23 years ago, Alan Parker (Angela’s Ashes) planned to direct a movie adaptation but for various reasons, it fell through.

The film will try and keep true to the musical by incorporating direct scenes from the show. Some of the scenes will be filmed at Pinewood Studios, with other parts shot on location in the UK.

We are looking forward to seeing this star-studded film – we will keep you updated on the latest news.

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