Original Saw movie to be re-made? WHY?

It seems that Hollywood’s originality is at an all time low. Apparently Lionsgate is considering remaking the 2004 horror hit Saw. After only eight years since its release. The big question is: why on earth is that necessary?
Saw original not good enough?

Isn’t that a complete waste of money? In general a re-make is made for one of two reasons:

Number one: The original is an old classic, that feasibly could be updated for new audiences. By old classic, I mean at least two decades old. For example, The Omen was re-made (and not to critical acclaim).

Number two: The original attempt was an extremely poor watch, and they’re trying to right a wrong. An example is 2003’s Hulk starring Eric Bana and Jennifer Connolly. Great cast. Terrible film. So they re-made it in 2008’s The Incredible Hulk, this time with Ed Norton and Liv Tyler, which was vastly superior.

The original Saw movie was neither of these. It was critically acclaimed by critics and fans alike, grossed $870m worldwide and it isn’t even a decade old, let alone two. If they wanted to make improvements on the franchise, they should look at the films from 2005 onwards, not the original. Saw 3D was awful!

For anyone in the dark, Saw was made by creators James Wan and Leigh Whannell, and revolved around a serial killer called Jigsaw, who tests his victims with awful games and tests, that mostly involve them mutilating parts of their own bodies, and sacrificing other people.

The original Saw débuted at the the Sundance Film Festival with strong reviews. So a re-make seems entirely unjustified. Then again there are also claims that they may simply make an eighth Saw film, so who knows what the real truth is.

Personally I think Hollywood should buck this re-make trend, enjoy the originals for what they are, and put their faith back into new material. There’s fresh new talent out there who’ll carry the business forward just waiting for an opportunity to so. Stop living in the past.

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