The Out of Print documentary travels to the UK

Out of Print, a new documentary being made about revival cinemas, the survival of 35mm prints in the digital age, and the New Beverly Cinema, a moviehouse in LA owned by one Quentin Tarentino, is coming to the UK to film a segment.

The New Beverly itself.The creator of the documentary, Julia Marchese, works at the New Beverly. After hearing that major studios had told cinema owners that they would no longer be providing them with film in 35mm print, she started a petition to ensure that studios allow their films remain available in celluloid for revival cinemas, and began work on Out of Print, which received an impressive $81,570 in Kickstarter funding in May this year.

One part of the documentary still to be shot will take place at the Prince Charles Cinema in London on the 17th of September. 35mm prints of Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Night of the Comet will be screened at the venue, to demonstrate the value of keeping said prints available, and the screening night will be filmed, with Marchese in attendance.

It’s an exciting prospect and one any film fan should be rallying behind given that a failure to rent out any more 35mm prints to revival cinemas means the death of a worthy experience at  so many film-fan locations. If you’d like to attend the double-feature screening on the 17th September, you can find more details over at the Prince Charles cinema website.

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The Out of Print documentary travels to the UK, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating