The Outer Limits coming to cinemas

The Outer Limits, the TV sci-fi anthology show that made sure you never adjusted your set is being adapted by MGM into a full-length feature film.

This is a breakaway approach to film adaptations for Hollywood – the usual suspects are books, comics, older films, and TV shows that have recurring characters and are slightly less “cult” than The Outer Limits. However, the idea of a “do not adjust your 3D glasses” line of dialogue booming into a cinema sounds too tempting to pass up.

The series, originally aired in the Sixties, then revived in the Nineties, helped set the standard of short-format horror and put a number of indie directors and short horror screenwriters forward into the limelight. Although less gory, it certainly had its share of scary moments: from clones to monsters and narratives that inspired James Cameron’s Terminator.

So, if you’re a bit sick and tired of the endless “horror needs sex” and fancy a bit of psychological meddling while you’re sinking into some good horror, go dig out the old shows. If the film finally rears its scary head, then definitely give it a look – its simple format will hopefully make it hard to mess up, and if it’s a huge anthology of stories in feature quality, all the better!

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