Paramount’s TMNT likely to see a Christmas 2013 release

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles live-action film, backed by Paramount, is heading towards production. It’s also got a release date: Christmas 2013.

The original live-action TMNT.Urgh. Really? Really? Another live-action TMNT film? The old one was a masterpiece, but I have a feeling this one’s just going to look seriously weird. Regardless, I’m willing to give it a shot simply because it’s TMNT, and I’m a fan of the heroes in a half-shell. Which should really be “in half-shells”, but I guess grammar-checking wasn’t the original production’s strongest point.

Christmas seems reasonable, and probably ties in pretty well with a ton of merchandising opportunities (I could complain about the endless capitalist greed at play here, but god damn, I want me some turtle merch), and hopefully it’ll give them enough time to make a decent film. More on this as it happens.

In the mean time, who would you have play each turtle? I’m thinking:

Michaelangelo: Seth Rogen
Donatello: Jessie Eisenberg
Raphael: Taylor Lautner
Leonardo: Robert Pattinson


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