Penelope Cruz on Pirates of the Caribbean set

Ahoy me hearties! Who wants to see pictures from the latest Pirates of the Caribbean film?

As filming for the fourth instalment On Stranger Tides is under way, photos of Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz on set have found their way online.

Depp returns to play the old salt, Cap’n Sparrow, and Cruz has taken over as lead lady from Kiera Knightly. Ian McShane, Blackbeard, is also seen in the pictures. It is directed by Rob Marshall, the man behind the Oscar-winning movie Chicago.

The story this time follows Captain Sparrow and Captain Barbossa (Geoffery Rush) as they set sail to find the Fountain of Youth. But it seems that Angelica (Cruz) and her father Blackbeard are huntin’ the very same booty. Captain Jack has past history with Angelica, but he can’t be decidin’ whether to trust her and fall in love with her, or whether she is a mealy mouthed curr and con artist to boot.

What do you think? Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum or should we keel-haul the lot of them?

Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides is set to be in cinemas on May 20.

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