Phil Lord gives more clues about the LEGO film

“A LEGO film, you say?” Yes, that’s right. It’s going to mix the wonderful blocky LEGO world with live-action shots, plus plenty of fantasy and adventure.

Although Phil Lord and Chris Miller (of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs fame) are at the directorial helm, it’s certainly not the most straightforward of concepts.

Most people probably imagine a LEGO film as a feature-length version of one of the millions of stop-animation LEGO films already on YouTube.

However, the release of LEGO computer games inspired by famous film franchises, from Star Wars to Indiana Jones and now even Harry Potter, has led to the growth in the popularity of the toy to grow to as big as it has ever been in its sixty odd year history.

Phil Lord, one of the directors, has spoken about wanting to incorporate all the different worlds of LEGO into the film itself. Think Egypt, Atlantis, haunted houses and soaring spaceships for an idea of the range of ideas this could throw up.

I’m forging ahead into adulthood, but even I’m very excited, especially at the prospect of getting a whole new generation of children into a LEGO fan-frenzy.

Asked whether he would include elements from the game-films (Wars, Jones and Potter), Lord wasn’t against it: “there is a way… It remains to be seen how much of that can happen, but it’s certainly a possibility.”

So with that, I leave you to stare longingly at the multi-coloured mess of bricks you’ve got down from the attic and ponder about which actors will show up in the finished piece. Christopher Walken in LEGO: The Movie, anyone?

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