Pierre Morel to direct Ouija film adaptation?

Pierre Morel, director of Taken, might soon be turning his eye to the spirits rather than kidnappers, adapting the Ouija board game for a cinematic release.

It’s certainly odd, but if you’re aware that Ridley Scott’s doing Monopoly, then it suddenly sounds like a far more viable film. Of course, it’s already got all the horror elements in place – spirits, a board game to contact them, and an infinite amount of things that can go wrong as a result of the two coming together.

Sure, it’s a creepier version of Jumanji, but it taps into every kid that ever laid their hands on a planchette and attempted to contact The Great Beyond. Hopefully, we’re going to see great things from this, as there’s a lot of potential for shakes, scares and some pretty awesome 3D CGI.

Morel’s a dab hand at the ole’ directing gig, too – apart from Taken, he’s also working on the Dune reboot, which is definitely an exciting role to be playing in the world of film-adapted science fiction. He’s got a knack for menace and thrills, so a board-game-meets-seance should really please the hordes of horror fans who feel so lost in between installations of Saw. We’ll keep you posted, as always.

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