Potter fans get printed goodies

If there’s one thing I absolutely love, it’s merchandise that doesn’t feel like merchandise.

The Printorium.

What I mean by that is, say, t-shirts from GameTee that subtly reference videogames rather than say something glaringly obvious, or a framed print of some concept art from Lord of the Rings rather than an inflatable Gollum.

In this case, it’s Harry Potter merch, and the merch in question comes in printed form, courtesy of the awesomely-named Printorium. Founded and run by graphic designers Miraphora Muina and Eduardo Lima (who sound like Harry Potter characters, if I’m totally honest), it offers prints of maps, posters, and newspapers.

It’s worth noting that they actually have crafted all of this stuff for the Potter films – the maps and books you see in the film are their handiwork, so this isn’t just a loving tribute. These peeps are the real deal, and you can see their work up close and personal, now.

Admittedly there isn’t much in the way of moving pictures to be found on these delectable printed items, but it’s an impressive display of what wonderful tributes to Rowling’s soundly-built world can be created when good minds are put to the task.

Should you have any money left in your bank account after finishing your Printorium shopping spree, they advise that “any extra money you have as a designer, you should go and buy a book.” Sounds like good advice whether you’re a designer or not really.

You can find their website right here, and currently they’re doing a Daily Prophet front page. Bonus points if you put in a request to them to ink-blot Rita Skeeter’s face off the thing whenever there’s a risk of her devious mug appearing on it.

They’re also selling the Marauder’s Map, which truly is a collector’s item. It doesn’t work unfortunately, so you can’t turn yourself into the wizarding equivalent of the NSA, but it’d look lovely in a 3D frame. The prints come in collections, either at £69 for the normal one or all the way up to £349 for something a little more special, but it’s up to you. Currently I can’t find anything in their shop, so they may be sold out, but don’t be surprised if they restock soon after realising how inevitably popular these things would be.

They’re also holding an exhibition, called “The Graphic Art of the Harry Potter Films,” at the Coningsby Gallery on Tottenham Court Road in London, which is probably worth a look.

Thank you, Printorium. You’d fit right in on Diagon Alley.

[source: Huffington Post, Time Out #2231]

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