The Pros of having Robert Pattinson and Johnny Depp at Comic-Con

It might just just a few hours down the road from Hollywood, but San Diego’s Comic-Con may as well be as be on the moon… For one, that location would be quite apt for the largely sci-fi-based event, and for another, with the general public at it’s core, it’s also a million miles from the usual industry-bod heavy showcases you get elsewhere in Movieland.

An annual institution at the San Diego Convention Centre since 1970, Comic-Con now attracts around 125,000 fans who come together en-mass to celebrate what elsewhere might be a niche pastime. Or rather, that was the case… The fanboys were briefly pushed aside when Robert Pattinson mania hit the convention on Friday; the appearance of the New Moon actor and his co-stars undoubtedly draw the biggest crowd, but there have still been plenty of other highlights…

Avatar, James Cameron’s first feature in almost 15 years, was previewed prior to its Dec release with a 20-minute clip presentation and managed to create almost as much hype without a fang-toothed hottie in sight, while Tim Burton’s unveiling of Alice in Wonderland provoked as much attention – no doubt helped by the appearance of Johnny Depp. Terry Gilliam probably could’ve done with some of the actor’s magic at the panel for the yet unsold Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, the film Heath Ledger was working on at the time of his death, which was later finished by Depp, amongst others, although he still managed to find a more captive audience than previously received in Cannes.

Two after Iron Man received it’s first big push at the same convention, Jon Favreau and Robert Downey Jr were back to present clips from the sequel on Saturday, although the convention went back to its less A-list roots for the final day, screening new Warner animation Green Lantern: First Flight and closing with Buffy the Musical. The studio execs might have long left by then, but it’s unlikely that the fanboys or RobPat fans will even noticed…

If you didn’t make it there, catch up with these trailers:

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