Rampart trailer now online

There’s nothing like a Woody Harrelson film. Natural Born Killers, Zombieland – doesn’t matter what he’s in, he improves it. Now we get Rampart, and it looks like a winner.

Imagine a film with a protagonist who has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Not “antihero”, but actually just dislikeable. In Rampart, Harrelson plays Dave Brown, an extremely corrupt cop who indulges in gratuitous violence and a variety of other dodgy dealings that could see him put away for a long time.

It’s not just Dave who’s under suspicion, either – Rampart is named as such because it’s based around the 1990s L.A. police scandal, known as the ‘Rampart scandal’. The Rampart division were part of the LAPD, and over 70 officers were implicated in unprovoked shootings, beatings, evidence tampering, stealing, and other crimes. Dave is one of these men, and despite the family he’s trying to provide for (despite no longer living with them) and the job he’s trying to hang on to (despite being investigated by Kyle (Ice Cube)), it’s hard to like him. And yet, the character is strangely compelling

The rest of the cast list reads like an Oscar-winner. Steve Buscemi, Sigourney Weaver, Ned Beatty – the list goes on, and I can’t wait to see so many talented actors bounce off each other as the chaotic life of Dave Brown plays out around them. Rampart looks fantastic, and I can’t wait to check it out. The trailer’s below, so enjoy!

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