Renee Zellweger returns as Bridget Jones

If you were still revelling in the fact that you wouldn’t ever have to see Renée Zellweger‘s irritating face playing the tragic Bridget Jones again, you were wrong.

Yes, there is going to be a third in the series. Last night author of the novels Helen Fielding read the first pages of the third book to an excitable audience in London. After ten years we thought we’d be safe, but Fielding clearly saw the chance to cash in by writing a third diary.

Apparently Zellweger has agreed to be in the film but only on the condition that she doesn’t have to bulk up again. She famously put on weight for the first film, Bridget Jones’s Diary, lost it in a dramatic fashion and then piled it back on for the second, Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason. All in the name of art.

Anyway it is thought that in the third film she will be skinny from the start, however there is talk that she will get pregnant. And guess who is the father? She doesn’t know! Classy. Cue a bumbling Colin Firth and the snooty Hugh Grant.

Newly crowned Oscar-winning Firth spoke about the films’ recently, saying :

“I don’t really want to be part of a perpetual franchise but we’re all getting so old! I think the idea of Mark and Daniel and Bridget in advanced stages of deterioration could be quite fun. We’re making a comedy after all.”

The plot at this point hasn’t been confirmed, so don’t hold your breath for the baby. It’s also not known if the film will even follow what happens in the diary.

We don’t know about you, but we think it might be time for Zellweger to hang up her gigantic pants and plummy British accent. (Although there is at least one group of women, the I wear Bridget Jones Pants and I dont care Facebook group, who disagree.)

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